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Alliance for a Fairer Retirement System submission on Retirement Income Review

The Alliance for a Fairer Retirement System noted the recent announcement that the Government intends to establish a Retirement Income Review as recommended by the Productivity Commission in its recent inquiry. The Alliance supports the proposed Review and would like to suggest items to be considered in the terms of reference for the inquiry plus some background discussion on those items. However, no change should be made that leaves the vast majority of current retirees in a worse position than they are today.

In general, we are supportive of a retirement income system based around three integrated pillars: that is the age pension, the superannuation system, and private savings (including the family home). This inquiry should take account of the interaction between these retirement pillars to investigate the adequacy, sustainability, certainty and fairness of those arrangements.

To read the full submission, please click here.

A submission was also submitted to the ALP on the Retirement Income Review, which can be viewed here.

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